The Urban Project
The Urban Project is a collaboration of the Micah Program and first-rate academic departments and programs that offer degrees dealing with urban problems, including

American Studies
Civil Engineering
Communication Disorders
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Educational Studies
Nutrition and Dietetics
Occupational Therapy
Pre-Law Studies
Political Science
Public Health
Public Policy Studies
Social Work
Sociology and Criminal Justice.



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Special Features

Areas of Study

The Micah Program and the Urban Project

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Special Features of the Urban Project

The Urban Project addresses vital social problems. By the end of this century, 75% of the world's population will live in cities--a staggering increase. By mid-century, there will be more than forty megacities of 18 million or more.

And they will have problems. Even the smaller cities of today are often places of considerable poverty and economic injustice. Not only do they place massive strains on local food and energy supplies and on the environment, but they also face major challenges in providing affordable housing, transportation, education, healthcare, crime control, and social services.

How can we do better? Saint Louis University is committed to finding out.

The Urban Project offers you

A seminar in urban career opportunities:
  • Hear from experts working in all areas of urban studies and related fields
  • Shadow professionals and learn about promising majors, advanced degree programs, and job prospects.
A partnership among academic departments and programs that offer excellent internships and undergraduate research opportunities:
  • Gain experience in agencies, local municipalities, and community organizations
  • Work with research faculty studying promising solutions to urban problems.
Skills for life:
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • First-hand experience of urban realities
  • Professional research and presentation skills.
Excellent emloyment opportunities:
  • Degrees offered by participating departments and programs all have excellent employment prospects.
  • Your B.A. or B.S. will open doors in charitable foundations, hospitals and clinics, governmental agencies, public and private schools, and a variety of community organizations.
Urban Problems and the Areas of Study at SLU That Address Them
Use these links to learn more about participating academic departments and programs, the majors offered, the courses involved, experiential-learning opportunites, and employment information:

Community Organization
Criminal Justice
Environmental Studies
Health Care

Public Service
Social Services
Urban Design and Engineering



The Micah Program and the Urban Project

Unique in the nation, the Urban Project of Saint Louis University is a collaboration of the Micah Program and more than a dozen academic departments and programs at SLU that offer degrees dealing with urban problems. We prepare students, not only to understand the many challenges facing American cities and the urban poor, but also to draw on various disciplines to find the best possible solutions.

The Micah Program offers Urban Project Students a Great Freshman Year

By enrolling in the Micah Program, you'll be involved in a nationally recognized learning community that allows opportunities for new students interested in working among the urban poor to
  • Live together in community on-campus
  • Take core freshman courses together
  • Perform service in vibrant but struggling neighborhoods near the University
  • Gather weekly for reflection and prayer for the people they are serving.
Saint Louis University and the Micah Program were recognized in Saviors of Our Cities:
A Survey of Best College and University Civic Partnerships
. The survey concluded that
St. Louis University reflects the best of the Jesuit devotion to the inner city poor. Foregoing an opportunity to move to a suburban location,the university chose to remain and help revitalize downtown St. Louis. The university has created a remarkable community service institution in the form of the Micah Program. This program...effectively links administrative, faculty, and student resources with a variety of community partners.
How to Apply

Graduating high-school students wishing to participate in the Micah Program and the Urban Project during their freshman year at college should apply on the Micah web site no later than May 1. This application is separate from the Admissions application and the Housing and Res Life application. You will find more information and an application on the Micah Program's web site.